Why is Organic Cotton beneficial for your skin?


Organic Cotton is a natural product which, once manufactured into clothing, has many advantages such as its ability to control moisture, insulate and provide comfort amongst others.

Organic cotton is hypoallergenic and rarely causes allergic reactions. In fact, the wearing of organic cotton is often recommended for those with skin allergies, such as eczema. Because organic cotton is hypoallergenic and does not irritate skin, it is often used in medical products like bandages and gauze, and is the fabric of choice when it comes to natural clothing.

Synthetic mainstream fibres don’t allow the skin to breathe properly, causing sweat to build up on the skin, a common eczema trigger. Organic cotton however is breathable and transmits moisture away from the body. It is also absorbent and removes liquid from the skin, like a towel. It allows you to remain comfortable throughout the day, keeping moisture from building up between your skin and clothing. It is said that cotton can take up to one-fifth of its weight in water before feeling damp.

Organic cotton clothing is especially soft and easily stretches, making it a comfortable fabric to wear all year round.

This is why at EcoWolfe we strive to make our clothing from natural materials such as organic cotton.

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