Founded in the 2007, EcoWolfe promotes a life lived through sustainability and finding a balance between daily life and nature.

“To us, sustainability is about being active in protecting and conserving the planet for future generations whilst enjoying it responsibly. It’s about more than just saying you believe in protecting the planet, it’s about actually going out and doing things to sustain it.”

EcoWolfe Protecting the Planet


EcoWolfe’s products are made from organic, recycled or ethically sourced materials to help protect the planet.


With every product purchased a contribution is made to a variety of exceptional organisations that are dedicated to supporting local communities and protecting the planet with us.

EcoWolfe Protecting the Planet
EcoWolfe Protecting the Planet


EcoWolfe shifts away from the modern industrial methods of clothing manufacture and blind consumption to one of balance.

“We can’t work against industrialization, but we can work with it. The goal shouldn’t only be profit. It should be people, and it should be the planet.”

EcoWolfe is dedicated to both.