Protect your skin with Ecowolfe.


Did you know that clothing is sometimes the source of contact dermatitis, an allergic reaction?

Experts often highlight that dyes, resins and formaldehyde which are used in the processing of fabrics are likely sources of reactions.

It has also been noted that synthetic fibres can act as irritants. Sensitive individuals are most tolerant of white cotton, thus organic cotton clothing made without these potential allergens and irritants may feel better to the skin.

When picking out that new t-shirt or cute dress, the style and fit are the obvious attributes we focus on. But how, where and from what materials our clothing is made from is just as important too.

We know about the health benefits of buying organic food and using organic cleaning products, but what about organic materials in fashion?

Ecowolfe is committed to using organic and sustainable materials in all of its products.

It’s good for the planet and it’s good for your skin.

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