Living the dream… Filipe Costa


Filipe grew up in the South-Western region of Portugal, he still calls the blue barrels down there his home. When you watch him surf you realise he’s spent a long time on the water.

With curious eyes, he’s watched thousands of waves and now he’s living the dream, picking off the biggest barrels of the day and doing it with a big smile on his face. We sat down with our Portuguese Surf Ambassador and got to know him a little better.

Where’s home?

Sesimbra. It’s a great place to surf and enjoy a sunny afternoon.

When did you start surfing?
I started at an early age and rapidly felt that this sport was beyond a mere physical activity. Surfing gave me a true feeling of being at one with Nature.

If you could spend one day surfing with someone, who would it be?
I would surf with Eddie Wedder, a classic surfer.

Where’s your favourite place to surf?

My local spot is Praia da Foz. It’s a fantastic place to spend the day.

Who is your role model? And why?

My role model is Kelly Slater as he is still the best surfer in the word at 45 years of age. I also admire his dedication and efforts in supporting Environment causes.

If you had only one word to describe yourself, what would it be?

Tell us about your dream day?
That is easy – a perfect morning surf, family lunch, siesta, great afternoon surf, sunset beer with friends, family dinner and a concert from my favorite band at night.

What are your goals for 2017?
To grow my family by having a third child, develop my house project, finish my album of 5 songs and develop as a father and role model.

What attracts you to EcoWolfe?

I love what the brand stands for and the fact that it is a responsible brand looking to produce clothing that is good for us and good for the planet.

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