Handcrafted Sandals by Ecowolfe

Ecowolfe’s new handcrafted sandal collection are made to last.

Plastic and foam flip-flops have their place – and that place is protecting your feet from fungi in the gym shower! These flip-flops could also however be made of toxic materials that can do you harm. Plastic straps may be made of latex, which many people are allergic to, or BPA-laden plastic, which is linked to various cancers. Do you really want your toes to get all up in that?

Ecowolfe’s handcrafted sandals are made with vegetable tanned leather that does not use harmful chemicals. This is an artisanal process that takes advantage of the natural acids found in some plant species. Using vegetable tanned leathers has big advantages unsurpassed by any other tanning methods.

The benefits of vegetable tanned leather include the following:

  • its high durability and strength, being even far more efficient than the majority of the synthetic materials meaning that it will last longer than mass produced items,
  • its neutral effect on user’s health due to no nasty chemicals being used;
  • it can last an entire lifetime and/or is bio-degradable when it ceases to be used/maintained,

So why choose vegetable-tanned leather goods? Because you will be making a responsible choice and helping to protect the planet. Reading this and other information on consumerism will make you aware about what you are buying. In this case, a product that will last a lifetime, enabling you to consume less and diminish your footprint on the environment.

These sandals won’t flip or flop, but they will take you from the beach to the bar without shame.

With Ecowolfe sandals you will be acquiring a natural canvas to record your life experiences.

Stand out from the pack with Ecowolfe – a truly inspiring brand!

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