Filipe Costa wins Regional Surf Championship 2017

January, 2018

Ecowolfe is proud to announce that Filipe has won a first place in the 2017 SCS Circuit in Sesimbra, Portugal to become the Regional Open Surf Champion for 2017.

The award ceremony was held at the “Casa da Praca – Guest House” in Sesimbra on the 27th of January 2018.

The SCS Circuit is held every year in Portugal and consists of 3 Stages, which saw Filipe tear up the waves to conquer first place.

Filipe is a man of passion who wears his hopes and dreams on his sleeve, whilst remaining firmly grounded on what needs to be achieved. Filipe was seen to be the most consistent and colourful characters at the event, whilst keeping focussed on achieving the top spot.

A native of sunny Portugal, Filipe’s first love is surfing. He grew up surfing his local coast of Sesimbra as well as carving up waves all across the southern coast of this beautiful country.

Filipe embraces the free spirit lifestyle that typifies dedicated and devoted surfers. A passionate and dependable character, he gives and gets respect from both his peers and competitors.

We wish him luck this year as we sponsor him yet again to grab headlines in regional championships where he’s been ripping up the competition.

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