Ecowolfe’s Signature Men’s Boots

There is no footwear quite like handcrafted boots to make you feel as if you could walk 1,000 miles.

Finding the right pair of boots can sometimes be a challenge. However, you seem to instinctively know when you stumble across a pair of boots that are right for you. Not only do they feel right and look right, but they also somehow reflect your character, and make your clothing look awesome.

Unlike many other boots, Ecowolfe’s Handcrafted Boots are made to look bad ass and built to last. They can stand up to the mistreatment of being worn every day and look all the better for it.

It makes sense to invest in a quality boot brand. Ecowolfe’s Handcrafted Boots are full of character and traditional features. The higher heel and aged leather make for a quality boot that is fun and functional.

We make our boots using the finest materials, that are hand crafted into our special creations. The outer sole is made from leather and natural rubber, whilst the insole is made from natural cork for breathability and comfort.

All our leathers are hand selected to ensure they are supple, breathable and durable. They are also water resistant when treated with a good quality boot wax. We use only quality leathers in our uppers that are still shaped by hand.

We use many traditional shoemaking methods in our boot making processes, that give them their unique style including natural dying and polishing.

Look after them and they will serve you well for many years – truly sustainable footwear.

Our boots are fully repairable and can be re-soled, so no more throwing away your favourite boots.

When you purchase a pair of Ecowolfe boots, you will be acquiring a natural canvas to record your life experiences.

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