Ecowolfe 25% Off Sale – Now On

All our quality products can now be found on line at 25% off.

EcoWolfe’s products are made from organic, recycled or ethically sourced materials, thus helping to protect the planet and with every product purchased.

EcoWolfe doesn’t believe that you have to make a direct contribution to protect the planet, but that your everyday purchases should ensure the protection of our precious planet on your behalf.

“Wouldn’t it be great if every organisation came up with a plan in which they could truly help protect the planet and work towards something a little more sustainable.”

Although there are still large corporations that are not so eager to stop profiting from acts that place stress on the planet, Ecowolfe still displays an optimism that consumers will influence this through their purchases.

“We can’t work against industrialization, but we can work with it. The goal shouldn’t only be profit. It should be people, and it should be the planet.”

EcoWolfe is dedicated to both.

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