Brand Ambassador Filipe Costa


We are proud to sponsor Filipe Costa again this year and wish him the best of luck as he prepares for the 2018 SCS Circuit in Sesimbra, Portugal.

Filipe won first place in the 2017 SCS Circuit in Sesimbra to become the Regional Open Surf Champion for 2017.

Filipe grew up along the South-Western region of Portugal and has a wealth of knowledge in surfing the blue barrels of Sesimbra. When you watch him surf you realise he’s spent a long time on the water perfecting his style on thousands of waves.

He regards Sesimbra as one of the great places in Portugal to surf and enjoy the sunshine.

He started at an early age and quickly realized that surfing was more than a physical sport but gave him a true feeling of being at one with Nature.

Filipe continues to promote the sport and promote the Ecowolfe brand that produces clothing that is good for you and good for the planet.

Good luck pal!

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