The Best All Season Sandals

Whether you’re looking for a new pair of sandals for an impending holiday or a comfortable style that can be worn casually around the house, then we’ve got it sorted.

Ecowolfe Adventure

We strive to deliver an exciting lifestyle brand that embodies the ultimate in comfort, creative expression and sustainability.

We Don’t Cut Corners

We select the best materials and construction methods for our handcrafted boots such as natural and premium leathers

Shoes & Boots by Ecowolfe

We started our footwear range simply to make shoes & boots for ourselves and our friends that were sustainable and moved away from mainstream manufacturing practises.

Footwear born out of Frustration and Inspiration

At EcoWolfe, we were frustrated with over-branded shoes and boots that fall apart or are thrown away after a couple wears, as well as being often overpriced.

Plastic Ocean Foundation UK

Ecowolfe is proud to support the Plastic Ocean Foundation UK. The Plastic Ocean Foundation UK was started by Jo Ruxton and Sonjia Norman in 2009.

About the Brand

EcoWolfe is an exciting lifestyle brand that brings together all the experiences and individual expressions from the great outdoors

Are you an Animal Lover – then Go Organic!

If you are an animal lover, care about what goes on your body or are concerned about the environment

Protect your skin with Ecowolfe.

Did you know that clothing is sometimes the source of contact dermatitis, an allergic reaction?

These Boots were made for Walking

Looking for a quality pair of handmade leather boots, that you won’t find on the high street? We make our boots using the finest materials, that are hand crafted into our special creations.

You Don’t have to be Naked to be Natural!

We make high quality Organic Clothing that is fashionable, functional and eco-conscious, enabling our customers to embrace a free spirit lifestyle.

Brand Ambassador Filipe Costa

We are proud to sponsor Filipe Costa again this year and wish him the best of luck as he prepares for the 2018 SCS Circuit in Sesimbra, Portugal.

Ecowolfe 25% Off Sale – Now On

All our quality products can now be found on line at 25% off. EcoWolfe’s products are made from organic, recycled or ethically sourced materials

Handcrafted Sandals by Ecowolfe

Ecowolfe’s new handcrafted sandal collection are made to last.

Ecowolfe’s Handcrafted Boots

EcoWolfe launches its new handcrafted boots which were born out of frustration and inspiration.

Ecowolfe’s Signature Men’s Boots

There is no footwear quite like handcrafted boots to make you feel as if you could walk 1,000 miles.

Ecowolfe’s Handmade Trainers are King!

In a market drowning in minimalist trainers, Ecowolfe takes a simple shape and simplifies it with natural suede that is hand stained…

Ecowolfe launches its New Handcrafted Sandal Collection

It may not be exactly sandal season in the UK but our story is too cool not to share!

Ecowolfe launches its New Handcrafted Sandal Collection

It may not be exactly sandal season in the UK but our story is too cool not to share!


Ecowolfe Handcrafted Leather Sandals

It may not be exactly sandal season in the UK but our story is too cool not to share!

Filipe Costa wins Regional Surf Championship 2017

Ecowolfe is proud to announce that Filipe has won a first place in the 2017 SCS Circuit in Sesimbra…


Protect your Skin – Protect our planet

Did you know that mainstream clothing is sometimes the source of contact dermatitis, an allergic reaction?


So what are the benefits of Organic Cotton?

At Ecowolfe we want to offer you the best, which is why we use organic and ethically sourced materials.


A responsible fashion brand… Ecowolfe

Our clothing is intentionally made from eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, bamboo or hemp.

Organic Brands

Know your Clothing Certifications with EcoWolfe

As a socially responsible brand, Ecowolfe is committed to incorporating sustainability into all of our products.

Organic Cotton

Protect your Skin with Organic Cotton

We know about the health benefits of buying organic food and using organic cleaning products

Filipe Costa

Living the dream… Filipe Costa

Filipe grew up in the South-Western region of Portugal, he still calls the blue barrels down there his home.

mt fuji

Mount Yotei – Symbol of Beauty with EcoWolfe

Mount Yotei is one of the most beautiful mountains in Japan.

organic cotton

Why is Organic Cotton beneficial for your skin?

Organic Cotton is a natural product which, once manufactured into clothing, has many advantages…

EcoWolfe Protecting the Planet

EcoWolfe is proud to sponsor Filipe Costa

A native of sunny Portugal, Filipe’s first love is surfing. He grew up surfing his local coast of Sesimbra…

Henk and his passion for the great outdoors

We met up with an Ecowolfe ambassador to find out what he enjoys about the great outdoors…

Cotton & Tencel, the perfect combination

Ecowolfe is excited to be launching its new Cotton & Tencel clothing collection…

Why is organic cotton so much better?

Organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that lessen the impact on our environment…

Naked Organic Cotton range

Ecowolfe has followed a dream to inspire people and protect the planet. We make high quality clothing…