Eco Wolfe - Protecting the Planet


EcoWolfe is an exciting lifestyle brand that brings together all the experiences and individual expressions from the great outdoors, worldly travels, long lasting friendships, inspiring photography, invigorating sports and fantastic music.

At EcoWolfe we have followed a dream to inspire people and protect the planet – which is why we make our products from organic, recycled or ethically sourced materials.

We strive to deliver an exciting lifestyle brand that embodies the ultimate in comfort, creative expression and sustainability – always utilizing the finest quality sustainable fabrics, workmanship and technological innovation to help protect the planet for future generations.

Superior quality and fit comes as standard for the EcoWolfe range, though the brand is a representation of much more. It is about daring to be different and standing out from the pack to embrace a free spirit lifestyle.

Every day is an adventure and every weekend is a journey, so let your creative senses take hold and explore new paths.

We create eco-conscious clothing for those who share this common sense of adventure.


Our vision is simple… to create an exciting and sustainable lifestyle brand from organic, recycled and ethically sourced materials that enables people to positively enjoy life, whilst protecting our planet and supporting communities for future generations.


EcoWolfe strives to protect the planet and support exceptional organizations that are dedicated to protecting the planet with us. We utilize a portion of our profits to support charities across the globe.

Every time you purchase a product you are directly contributing to a good cause.

Please see our blog page for more information about our latest projects.


As a premium brand, we want to offer you the best, which is why we make innovative products that utilize organic, recycled or ethically sourced materials. We embrace sustainable methods that are based on ethical and green principles.

Not only do we focus on buying environmentally and socially responsible fabrics, we also pay attention to the dyes used in our fabrics. We strive to use a range of eco-friendly dyes on all our fabrics.

We only work with reputable clothing manufacturers that have clear ethical and social values with relevant and recognized certifications that are in line with our own eco values.

At EcoWolfe we believe in protecting our planet and providing a safe environment for our future generations.

We are all accountable for our actions and at EcoWolfe we want to help make the waves, mountains and parks that we all love to escape to as enjoyable in the future as they are today.


Made in Britain – Every clothing item is hand printed in the UK, helping to reduce our carbon emissions, lower distribution costs as well as employ local craftsmen and woman.

Eco-friendly – All our clothing is made from eco-friendly materials such as recycled polyester, organic cotton or hemp.

Fresh water – Commercial cotton is the greatest fresh water intensive crop in the world, requiring some 22,000 litres to produce 1kg of cotton. By making our clothes with natural and recycled materials, we are effectively cutting down on the amount of fresh water being used.

Innovative – All our designs are unique and innovative. We don’t believe in mainstream prints and invest a large amount of time sketching and perfecting our designs.

Enjoy our website – I hope it inspires you as much as we are inspired by great clothing.