Henk and his passion for the great outdoors


A guy called Henk and his passion for the great outdoors…

We met up with an Ecowolfe ambassador to find out what he enjoys about the great outdoors.

Tell us about what attracts you to the great outdoors?

I enjoy getting out and exploring what the great outdoors has to offer. Getting back to nature is often an over-looked benefit that we all have access to. This includes the very simple things such as walking or bird spotting to more intense outlets such as surfing and canoeing, amongst others, or my all-time favourite… fly fishing.

Where’s your favourite place to fly fish?

There is no better place to enjoy fly fishing than in the Lake District. The Lake District is home to some of the most spectacular picturesque rivers, lakes and landscapes in the UK.

What makes fly fishing so special to you?

People say that trout only swim in beautiful places, which is why I love fly fishing. It takes you to some amazing and beautiful places. It is also said that you cannot catch a fish in anger, which I agree with, as in order to fly fish you have to get into the rhythm of the river. You have to stop, open your eyes and observe the surroundings around you. It is only then that you start to notice the breeze on your face, the smells in the air and the sounds around you. It is only when you immerse yourself in this amazing environment that you truly find yourself and your passion.

What makes Ecowolfe an essential part of your lifestyle?

I believe that everyone should enjoy more of what nature has to offer, and it’s down to all of us to protect it for future generations. Mass market and large fashion brands don’t seem to be doing a great job of protecting our environment and driving more eco-conscious production, no matter what they tell us. Ecowolfe however, being a  smaller independent brand, has eco-conscious production built into their DNA which is good for us and good for the planet!

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